Embroidery Information

Mouse over the design area on the product to zoom in on the embroidery design

All items offered in your company's webstore will be embroidered with your company's standard logo according to your company's branding specifications of placement, size and color as applicable.


  • Apparel will be embroidered on the left chest with your standard logo according
  • If personalization is offered, it will be placed on the right chest, in color options approved by your company.
  • EXCEPTION:  Under Armour, Nike, Eddie Bauer and certain other brands prohibit embroidery within a specified range of their embroidered logo.  For items with a brand logo on the left or right chest, we will embroider the respective company's logo on the opposite chest.  Pesonalization will also be placed with the logo in these situations.
  • Headwear is embroidered with your standard logo center front.
  • If additional personalization is offered, placement will be either on the left or right sides or center back of hat as specified by your company store policy.
  • Totes, bags and coolers embroidery placement will be as close as possible to the location shown on the individual product.  Size and placement may vary due to the accessibility of embroidery areas on the individual items.
  • Blankets will be embroidered in the corner at an angle.
  • Towels will be embroidered along the narrow bottom edge

          Please note that some designs may be superimposed on the items shown on the website to provide a simulated visual representation.  Designs may be resized according to industry standards to fit appropriately on the product.



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